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You’ve seen similar products advertised in catalogs for prices ranging from $295.00 to over $500.00 well we found a bunch at a price low enough to get us excited about offering this product to our customers.  Hey—if you can grow your hair back we’ll be so happy for you. We don’t know if this really works but for this price you can give it a try and the worst case scenario you end up with a nice message brush plus all the other goodies this package comes with.

The packaging says “As seen on TV” we’ve never seen this on TV but we think that maybe there was some marketing for this product that went a little beyond reality so we don’t suggest you believe everything you read on this package   The facts are that similar “Laser Combs” have been approved for marketing by the regulators at the FDA and tests have shown that with proper use the laser comb has shown an increase in hair growth for certain types of hair loss including overall thinning hair on up to 90% of those tested.

Add it to your routine 10 to 15 minutes every other day and you may see a result in 8 to 10 weeks.   The key is following instructions and being consistent—it can’t work if you don’t use it correctly so here’s what you do.

If you have some hair keep the brush attachment on and flip on the message button, slowly run the comb through your hair a section at a time from front to back.  When we say SLOWLY we mean it you want to move the Grow Comb about ½” to 1” every 3 to 5 seconds going over the entire head while holding the power button on.  If you have no hair you can simply remove the brush attachment unless you want the feel of the brush on your scalp, you will get the same result either way.  The brush attachment helps to separate the hair so the laser can hit and stimulate the scalp. 

Completely androgynous this product works for both men and women and is safe and easy to use.

Package includes:

1-Grow Comb with 7 red 660 nanometer energy diodes—7 blue 470 nanometer energy diodes—high precision laser beam window—Bio-stimulating vibration option  (4-AAA Batteries included)

1-Hand held Scalp Massager for the shower

1-Professional style hair brush

1-Manicure set

All for just $99.99

We will be showing you our own model and his progress using the Grow Comb on our web site—if it works for him it will work for anyone!!

Paul B.  age 62 fine extremely thin hair   we started his laser comb treatments on May 21, 2013  this is approximately 30 sessions of 10 to 15 minutes each note the ability to see the shape of the head through the hair in the before pictures

We have now added an essential oil scalp stimulating treatment with coordinating custom blended shampoo and will follow up with pictures as the apparent hair growth continues

   BEFORE               2 Months Later

pb-52113.jpg pb725133.jpg

    BEFORE              2 Months Later


pb521134.jpg pb725132.jpg

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